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Slavoj Žižek on David Lynch’s Blue Velvet (1986).



For a public installation entitled Magic Carpets 2014, French artist Miguel Chevalier transformed the floor of the Sacré Coeur cathedral in Casablanca, Morocco into an interactive psychedelic light show choreographed to music by Michel Redolfi.

Visitors walk across a massive carpet of light that first appears as an unstable monochromatic display before giving way to vivid blocks and whorls of color. The trajectory of the kaleidoscopic shapes and colors changes in response to visitors’ footsteps.

Click here for video of the installation in action.

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Oregon’s Monster Mushroom is World’s Biggest Living Thing

The largest living organism ever found has been discovered in an ancient American forest.

The Armillaria ostoyae, popularly known as the honey mushroom, started from a single spore too small to see without a microscope. It has been spreading its black shoestring filaments, called rhizomorphs, through the forest for an estimated 2,400 years, killing trees as it grows. It now covers 2,200 acres (880 hectares) of the Malheur National Forest, in eastern Oregon.

The outline of the giant fungus stretches 3.5 miles (5.6 kilometres) across, and it extends an average of three feet (one metre) into the ground. It covers an area as big as 1,665 football fields.


Any of you lovely fellow Oregonians wanna take a day trip?

Fake photo, but real phenomenon.


Mike Hinge

Entire Castenada Series Full Text | Essential Knowledge

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(Prefiguring Ditko) St. Michael and the Dragon (1931), Roderick Mead.

Frank Quitely artwork from Robbie Williams’ Intensive Care (2005).


Z2 Comics and I have teamed up to organize a Fanart Contest with Giveaways for Paul Pope’s new colored edition of ESCAPO!
For the contest, we’ll be giving away four copies of ESACPO and one Grand Prize!
The Grand Prize:
One Deluxe Edition of the book featuring a signed copy of Escapo, two prints, and a thumb drive full of bonus sketchbook content.

You can preorder the book here.


Simply reblog and/or like this post. If someone reblogs you, that also helps. You aren’t required to follow this blog, but it can affect your chances. Three people will be selected at random to win a copy of the book.

Poster Contest Guidelines:

  1. Design an event poster for Escapo’s act. You can locate this event where you live if you’d like.
  2. The theme of death is featured heavily in both the book and Escapo’s act. Make your design about Escapo v. Death.
  3. You can work in whichever media you’d like. If you want to use illustration, photography, etc., that’s okay.
  4. Escapo reference can be found here and here if you don’t own the earlier editions of the book.
  5. Tag your post #EscapoPoster; if you are not a tumblr user, you can still use the submit feature.
  6. The first deadline is March 20th. As before, extensions can be given.

There will be four winners and one Grand Prize winner. Judging will take place in early April. I will be judging the submissions along with Z2 Comics’ Josh Frankel and Paul Pope, himself.

(None of the colored pieces in this post are representative of the colors that will appear in the new edition).

Good luck!


The woman on the cover of the 1963 album Organ Moods was possibly used as a reference by Clowes for the cover of the Misfit Lit exhibition catalogue (1991). It’s a generic pose, with some differences, so I wouldn’t say it’s a 100% certainty but when I saw the record my mind immediately felt like I’d seen it in Clowes’ work somewhere before.

I thought I’d made a new discovery with this, I was very pleased with myself, but with a little more searching I found people had already made the connection three years earlier, with some discussion coming up after cartoonist Jim Blanchard posted the cover on Flickr:

For a little more about this album, including a sample track, see here:

[Link] Sexual Harassment in Comics



Please take a moment to fill out Janelle Asselin’s survey about sexual harassment in comics. It’s simple and anonymous.

For the many boiledleather readers who make, read, and/or write about comics, I hope you’ll participate, particularly if you’re involved in the alt/art end of the spectrum.

David Lynch Interview from 1979
"The Seventh Continent" by Michael Haneke (Full Film)


Artist: Roger Dean


A handful of microelectronic wonders, photo by Fritz Goro, LIFE magazine, March 10, 1961.

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